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Crowsnest Conservation Society is a charitable organization based in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, devoted to working together with community partners to ensure a healthy future for the natural environment and the people and wildlife that live in it.

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FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Crowsnest Conservation WildEd has bear-resistant garbage bins available for a free loan.  This time of the year, bear activity in the community is increased as the bears fill up for the winter months, causing an increase in bear-in-garbage conflicts. If you lack a secure place to store your garbage, please contact ElizabethContinue Reading

You Can Do Citizen Science

From: Oldman Watershed Council Volunteer with Trout Unlimited and learn to do important citizen science! Help us with rock snot!!! >>>WHAT??? Dangerous invader or mysterious native species? Click here for some info on didymo. A few years ago, Alberta witnessed the spread of so-called rock snot, a gooey river-bottom algae, setting off alarm bells among anglersContinue Reading

Deadstock Removal Program continues in the Waterton Biosphere Reserve

FROM: Andrea Morehouse, Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association and Pincher Creek Voice Southwest Alberta is ranch country, and many people in this corner of the province make their living from raising cattle. The unfortunate reality is that when you have livestock, you have deadstock. Natural losses of livestock are unavoidable. In the “old days” carcasses wereContinue Reading

Highway 3

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Crowsnest Conservation Society is wanting to hear from our members regarding the Highway 3 Planning Process. Please send your comments on the Highway 3 Expansion Project to What are you concerns, your values, your thoughts? We appreciate your input as we develop a Position Statement on this.Continue Reading

Trail Signage Project

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Crowsnest Conservation is working with Crowsnest Outdoors and other community partners to develop a trail signage program in Crowsnest Pass. We will have some more news to share by the end of September on this developing project.Continue Reading

Winged Wonders of the Night

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation WildEd “Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog” Stories, myths, and ancient legends, including this witches’ brew recipe from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, have long characterized bats as evil creatures of the night. But bats hardly deserve this reputation – many ecosystems would suffer greatly without theContinue Reading

Staking Out the Backcountry

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council Thank goodness it’s Friday! You’ve hitched up the trailer, packed your groceries, loaded your gear, and finally rounded up the kids. You set out to your favourite weekend destination, your own slice of paradise in the backcountry. After a long trek along bumpy roads (with the kids alternating between watching forContinue Reading

Backcountry Trail Flood Rehabilitation Program

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks I am happy to say that the construction in Lost Creek and Goat Creek went very well. The trail is open for allowable uses; keep in mind that the OHV ban is still in place as the fire hazard remains high.   We are starting construction on the McGillivray CreekContinue Reading

Fish Alberta – Oldman River

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks From its rugged and remote upper reaches to its meandering path to join the South Saskatchewan River, the Oldman River watershed is known for its stunning natural beauty. To read more, click here. Reading

Bioindicators: No Backbone Required

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council Q: What is a Benthic Macroinvertebrate? A: Benthic macroinvertebrates (BMIs) are little creepy crawlies found in our streams and lakes. The word benthic relates to organisms found in the beds of our rivers and lakes. A macroinvertebrate is an organism that lacks a spine but is still visible to the naked eye.Continue Reading

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