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Crowsnest Conservation Society is a charitable organization based in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, devoted to working together with community partners to ensure a healthy future for the natural environment and the people and wildlife that live in it.

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New Wildlife Programming at Local Schools

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation On May 16, Elizabeth Anderson from CCS and Annie Loosen from University of Alberta spent the day at local schools presenting to almost 350 children. Annie provided an overview on how she collected bear hair from rub trees and other rub objects to analyze the DNA to determine the number of bearsContinue Reading

Spiders of Western Canada

FROM: John Hancock, Author A new guidebook, “Spiders of Western Canada”, is now available! It is published by Lone Pine, produced by local John Hancock, and signed copies can be obtained from (403) 627-1511.Continue Reading

Field Guide to Aquatic Plants

FROM: Alberta Lake Management Society In 2014 and 2015, ALMS ran an aquatic plant monitoring program that involved collecting aquatic plant specimens across Alberta with the help of citizen scientist volunteers. During the two summers of sampling, one invasive species (Flowering Rush) and numerous native species were collected and archived.   The purpose of thisContinue Reading

Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity with micro conservation

FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada Want to aid the biodiversity around you? Here are five small acts of conservation that will help nature, and will also benefit you and your community. To read more, click here. Reading

Castle Special Management Area

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks announced in September 2015 that the Castle Special Management Area would be protected as a mix of Wildland Provincial Park and Provincial Park. The government is now consulting with stakeholder groups to develop a parks management plan. The draft plan will be released for publicContinue Reading

Backyard Birding

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Birding Committee On March 12, Ken Orich, avid bird watcher, photographer and gardener, spoke about backyard birding to a full house at the Crowsnest Community Library. Ken provided useful tips for making gardens bird friendly.   Plants In Crowsnest Pass, plant a variety of flowers, trees and shrubs that are suitable forContinue Reading

Annual Provincial BearSmart Meeting

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation The annual provincial BearSmart meetings were held in Grande Prairie on April 6 & 7, with Elizabeth Anderson presenting on behalf of Crowsnest Conservation Society. Approximately 65 participants learned about the various community, government, and industry BearSmart initiatives occurring throughout the province as well as being treated to an evening presentation byContinue Reading

Bioengineering Volunteer Opportunity

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks This year we are completing 18 bioengineering sites in the Castle and we have already started. We are currently looking for volunteers to come and help the trail crew. Be a member of the trail crew for the day!   The bioengineering projects are very cool! It is a greatContinue Reading

Black Bear Monitoring Project

FROM: University of Alberta American black bears (Ursus americanus) are unique among North America’s large carnivores. They are opportunists and are typically found in boreal and temperate forests, but also can be found in the backyard to the sub-tropical to the sub-arctic. They are also generalist omnivores, meaning they will eat anything from grass toContinue Reading

Volunteer Opportunity in Waterton National Parks

FROM: Parks Canada – Waterton Lakes National Park As the snow melts and Waterton takes on a spring-like appearance, we are starting to plan for our summer volunteer program! We have many volunteer opportunities for organised groups coming up from May to September 2016 and would love for you to join us!   From helpingContinue Reading

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