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Located in the headwaters region of the Oldman Watershed, Crowsnest River and its tributaries are vital components of the entire Oldman Watershed Basin. Protecting our watershed benefits human and wildlife residents and the river system, provides economic returns and sustains life downstream. Crowsnest Conservation is committed to working toward the protection of this essential resource.

Read the Protect the Crow – Conserve the Flow brochure here.

Maintaining and Restoring Crowsnest River Riparian Areas:

From 2011 to 2013 Crowsnest Conservation Society partnered with the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass on a riparian restoration program funded by Alberta Conservation Association. We will continue to work with the municipality on weed pull and planting events in an effort to control invasive plant species and improve diversity in areas along the banks of the Crowsnest River and its tributaries.

Weed infestations along Crowsnest River contribute to modification of native riparian plant and shrub habitat:

  • increased river bank erosion
  • increased sedimentation in the river
  • compromised integrity of the river
  • modified stream flows
  • disruption of long-standing trout spawning areas

Our ongoing works focuses on:

  • identification of weed species and their prevalence
  • removal of prohibited noxious and noxious weeds from riverbanks
  • planting of native shrubs and trees
  • seeding of native grasses

Help Crowsnest Conservation and the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass to improve riparian health:

  • learn to recognize invasive plants
  • remove them from your property
  • learn about any chemicals you might be using on your land and the effects of possible run-off
  • participate in community weed pull and planting events.

Follow our Upcoming Events page to learn more.

Read the 2013 Crowsnest River Riparian Report here and the 2012 Crowsnest River Riparian Report here.

Amphibian Monitoring Program:

In 2011 and 2012 Crowsnest Conservation participated in the Alberta Amphibian Monitoring Program (AVAMP) led by Alberta Conservation Association (ACA). The objective was to find and document breeding sites with populations of amphibian tadpoles. While boreal toads were the target species, we also found breeding areas with Columbian spotted frog tadpoles and salamanders. A highlight of each program year was an interactive field trip with the local Boys and Girls Club. The children were able to see the stages of boreal toad tadpoles emerging into toads.

While Crowsnest Conservation is no longer actively involved in the program, we support the work Alberta Conservation Association is doing to monitor and protect amphibians. Learn more about amphibians and how you can help here.

To read the 2012 Amphibian Survey, click here: 2012 Amphibian Survey Report


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