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Northern Leopard Frog Project

FROM: Waterton Biosphere Reserve

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve (WBR) is excited to share with you a NEW PROJECT aimed at northern leopard frog conservation and awareness.


Beginning in April 2017 the WBR invites you to share your northern leopard frog stories and observations with us (both past and present) so we can help identify possible locations for northern leopard frog reintroductions

and future stewardship projects.


Waterton Lakes National Park is working toward establishing a self-sustaining northern leopard frog population and frogs have been successfully reintroduced to Beauvais Lake Provincial Park and Magrath in recent years. The WBR Northern Leopard Frog Project aims to create public awareness on the importance of northern leopard frogs in our ecosystem and to create opportunities for WBR residents to helpĀ improve their status in our area.


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