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Birdhouse Basics

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Birding Committee Thinking of installing a birdhouse in your backyard so you can observe avian family life? Like our homes, birdhouses must meet standards in order to be safe for occupancy. Please learn about the necessary requirements HERE (see the link below). Any birdhouse you purchase should also be built to theseContinue Reading

Northern Leopard Frog Project

FROM: Waterton Biosphere Reserve The Waterton Biosphere Reserve (WBR) is excited to share with you a NEW PROJECT aimed at northern leopard frog conservation and awareness.   Beginning in April 2017 the WBR invites you to share your northern leopard frog stories and observations with us (both past and present) so we can help identifyContinue Reading

It’s Less Than Two Weeks Away… Sign-up or Renew Your Membership TODAY!

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council OWC membership is open to any interested individuals, organizations, municipalities, and irrigation districts that are located, works or plays within the Oldman Watershed Basin.  To learn more, click here. Reading

What Is With The Development In The Castle Parks?

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council The province recently announced that it would be investing $20 million into the MD of Pincher Creek in order to extend a waterline from Cowley out to Beaver Mines and the Castle Ski Hill – and pave a stretch of Highway 774 out to the Castle Mountain Resort. To read more, clickContinue Reading

New efficiency rebates support home improvements

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks An energy efficient home is a more comfortable and affordable home. A new Energy Efficiency Alberta program will support homeowners and Alberta contractors by providing rebates of up to $3,500 for installation of insulation, tankless hot water heaters and triple glaze, low-e, argon windows. To read more, click here. Reading

Instant in-store rebates for energy efficiency products

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to energy efficient products around your home, now is the time to do it. A new government program will provide instant rebates on items like programmable thermostats, water saving devices, and smart power bars – and gives Albertans another way to save money andContinue Reading

Making our brownfields green

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks Some problems we think are buried don’t stay buried; in fact they can grow over time if not addressed. This is sometimes the case when industry does not properly address harmful substances underground and the substance spreads into the soil and groundwater in the area. Over time, sites like thisContinue Reading

Alberta’s Merry Migrators: A little birdie told me spring is here!

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks This installment of our series is about our migratory species’ coming home to Alberta – some of which have already made their way here! The sound of Canada geese honking has been resonating in the sky for a couple of weeks now (depending on where you live). Geese and other waterfowl tryContinue Reading

ALSA’s Conservation Tools for Municipalities Webinar Series

FROM: Miistakis Institute of the Rockies The conservation and stewardship tools in the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) can be powerful conservation devices, especially for Alberta’s municipalities. However, many municipal personnel are unaware of these tools (partially because they are not in the Municipal Government Act), and many who are aware of them are onlyContinue Reading

Seven tweetable facts about beavers

FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada First launched in 2009 by a non-profit organization called Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (BWW), International Beaver Day celebrates the rodent’s environmental contributions and its important role in landscapes. To read more, click here. Reading

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