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Resilient Residence – Mammals that are inactive but don’t hibernate

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks This is the second of a four part series on our province’s most resilient animals. You may have assumed that the mammals you don’t see during the winter are hibernating, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, some mammals use an ‘in between’ strategy that involves a lot ofContinue Reading

Statement of Concern

Statement of Concern FROM: Crowsnest Conservation The Crowsnest Conservation Board has summited another Statement of Concern regarding the Benga Mining Application for the Grassy Mountain Mine. The Statement of Concern has been submitted to the Alberta Energy Regulator.Continue Reading

Crowsnest Conservation Board and Annual General Meeting

Crowsnest Conservation Board and Annual General Meeting FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Crowsnest Conservation Society held a very successful AGM at Country Encounters on November 29, 2017. Thank you to the members who participated in the discussion about upcoming events and provided input about future projects and activities.   Thank you to Barbara McClary for her serviceContinue Reading

Birdwatchers Come Together in Crowsnest Pass to Participate in the 118th Christmas Bird Count

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Birding Committee    Another Christmas Bird Count season has arrived. Between December 14, 2017 and January 5, 2018, tens of thousands of bird and winter enthusiasts will rally together to count millions of birds across the continent as part of the 118th year of this long-running wildlife survey. On January 2, 2018Continue Reading

Christmas Bird Count

2017 Crowsnest Pass Christmas Bird Count Tuesday, January 2, 2018 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM We recommend bringing: ice grips for boots snack and a hot drink binoculars and a camera bear spray Drop in from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at Country Encounters, 7701 -17th Ave in Coleman, to enjoy a late lunch and toContinue Reading

Oldman Watershed Council 2017 Year in Review

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council This year has been one of particularly strong growth and community engagement for the OWC. To read more, click here. Reading

Resilient Residents – Mammals that stay

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks Winter has arrived! Over the past two years, we have looked at animals who leave the province or the ones who take long winter naps until spring. This year, our focus is on those animals that brave the challenges of our cold and snowy climate. This is the first ofContinue Reading

Crowsnest Mountain Spirit Festival

Crowsnest Mountain Spirit Festival FROM: Crowsnest Conservation, Discover Crowsnest Heritage, Crowsnest Nordic, Pass Powderkeg, and Crowsnest Outdoors The event was inspired by the University of Alberta’s Mountain Festival in recognition of International Mountain Day, a UN designated celebration held each year on December 11. We thought it would be fun to organize our OWN festivalContinue Reading

Tent Mountain Notice of Application

Tent Mountain Notice of Application FROM: Alberta Energy Regulators To review the project and information on how to respond, visit the Alberta Energy Regulator’s page here. Reading

Christmas Bird Count

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Birding Committee Greetings everyone!    The Crowsnest Pass Christmas Bird Count for this year will be held on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  So pop that date in your calendars for now.  We will be providing more information on how to get involved closer to that date  Last year we had 20 participants, whichContinue Reading

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