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It’s Less Than Two Weeks Away… Sign-up or Renew Your Membership TODAY!

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council OWC membership is open to any interested individuals, organizations, municipalities, and irrigation districts that are located, works or plays within the Oldman Watershed Basin.  To learn more, click here. Reading

What Is With The Development In The Castle Parks?

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council The province recently announced that it would be investing $20 million into the MD of Pincher Creek in order to extend a waterline from Cowley out to Beaver Mines and the Castle Ski Hill – and pave a stretch of Highway 774 out to the Castle Mountain Resort. To read more, clickContinue Reading

Weeds in Southwest Alberta: New Research Findings

Weeds in Southwest Alberta: New Research Findings FROM: Oldman Watershed Council In mid-2016 ranchers, private companies, government organisations and non-government organisations (NGOs) were interviewed as part of a social research project titled “Collective Weed Management in Canada”. The aim of the interviews was to learn about the working relationships that influence the management of weedsContinue Reading

Weeds, Weeds Everywhere Weeds

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council “Ignorance is bliss” is a statement that couldn’t be truer when you’re referring to weeds! Oh, how I envy the individuals who drive by fields of ox-eye daisy and exclaim, “How beautiful!”   I remember the summer that blissful ignorance was taken from me: it was my first year working inContinue Reading

Oldman Watershed Council Memberships

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council Renew your OWC membership!
It’s free! Renewals due April 30, 2017 Benefits of becoming a member: Ensure that your voice is heard in matters concerning your watershed. Receive regular newsletters and updates. Have the opportunity to attend meetings and workshops. Be eligible to vote and run for the Council’s Board of Directors. ParticipateContinue Reading

Linear Features Here, There, And Everywhere!

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council Linear Features are all the roads, seismic lines, power lines, pipelines, railroads, cut lines, and recreational trails we leave on the land: it’s about how we are fragmenting the landscape. How many linear features (measured in kilometers) exist in an area of land is known as “linear features density”. Linear featuresContinue Reading

MiMedia and NCC partner to create Alberta content for National Geographic

FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada MiMedia and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) have partnered to create an episode for National Geographic that highlights the importance and majesty of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Alberta. One of the episodes in the series focuses on the eastern slopes of the Rocky MountainsContinue Reading

Calling All Prairie Experts

Calling All Prairie Experts FROM: Oldman Watershed Council Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan has identified the need to reduce Alberta’s dependence on coal for the generation of electricity.  This will require a significant increase in the development of renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, geothermal and other renewables to meet the needs of Albertans. WhileContinue Reading

Striking Balance Documentary

FROM: Waterton Biosphere Reserve “Striking Balance” is an eight part made for television documentary series that combines aerial and time-lapse photography to create a stunning picture of Canada’s breathtaking Biosphere Reserves.  Narrated by Jim Cuddy, the series was shot over a period of 170 days and includes interviews with over 250 people determined to createContinue Reading

Invasive Mussels Closing in On Alberta

FROM: Oldman Watershed Council Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of mussels, steamed in a delicious garlic cream sauce served with crispy fries – mmm… Moules Frites! But, there is a different type of mussels (not for eating!) that aren’t winning any awards in my books – Zebra and Quagga Mussels.Continue Reading

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