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ALSA’s Conservation Tools for Municipalities Webinar Series

FROM: Miistakis Institute of the Rockies The conservation and stewardship tools in the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) can be powerful conservation devices, especially for Alberta’s municipalities. However, many municipal personnel are unaware of these tools (partially because they are not in the Municipal Government Act), and many who are aware of them are onlyContinue Reading

Alberta named as number one target for wind power investment

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks Thanks to the government’s decisive action on climate change, Alberta’s sources of energy are rapidly changing, and investors, influencers and industry leaders around the world want to be a part of the transformation.   To read more, click here. Reading

Alberta’s Merry Migrators: Winter is not always for the songbirds!

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks When winter arrives, animals have only a few choices: migrate to a warmer place, hibernate, or cope with the conditions. Last year’s blog series featured different types of hibernators. This year we are going to profile some species that head south and explain why the change in locale is necessaryContinue Reading

Alberta’s Merry Migrators: Water wings and hopes of spring

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks There are still several weeks of winter left until we see one of the most iconic signs of spring – a group of Canada geese flying in a “V” formation. Alberta’s water birds are spending the winter in warmer southern climates.   To read more, click here. Reading

Alberta’s watersheds – going right to the source

FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks Albertans don’t always think about the water they drink, play in and rely on every day – it is often taken for granted. So where does that clean water that flows out of the tap when you turn it on come from? It depends entirely on where you live inContinue Reading

Reducing energy use and saving money – Heating your home

Reducing energy use and saving money – Heating your home FROM: Alberta Environment and Parks Alberta winters. Whether you love them or hate them or fall somewhere in between, we can probably agree on one thing: they can be long, cold and difficult – including on your pocketbook. So what can you do to keep yourContinue Reading

Alberta leads the way on energy efficiency

FROM: Government of Alberta The release of the Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel’s final report today means Alberta now has a long-term vision for energy efficiency.   The panel heard from hundreds of Albertans, including individuals, non-profit groups, businesses and First Nations. Their voices helped shape a path forward for the province that includes practical initiativesContinue Reading

Environmental Stewardship poised to become a ‘purpose’ of Alberta municipalities

FROM: Miistakis Institute Alberta’s municipalities are at the front lines of land use planning, which puts them at the front lines of being able to affect conservation … for good or bad. Something that has always confounded the many people within municipal governments who are trying to promote environmental conservation is that the Municipal GovernmentContinue Reading

Tracking Grizzly Bears With a Smartphone App in Northern Alberta

FROM: Motherboard As grizzly bears are retreating into their winter dens in the Peace Country of northwestern Alberta, local biologists are wrapping up the beta-testing phase of Grizz Tracker, a citizen science project that allows the public to track sightings of grizzly bears using smartphones and, in turn, contribute to critical research on this threatenedContinue Reading

Discover Guide

FROM: Alberta Conservation Association The moment that many have been awaiting has finally arrived…the new Alberta Outdoor Adventure Guide app is now available for both iPhone and Android users. This free app is the most convenient way for you to carry and use the Alberta Discover Guide to find Conservation Sites for hunting, angling, hiking,Continue Reading

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