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Low-impact travel tips

FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada While you’re out exploring all that Canada’s nature has to offer, minimize your impact on the land with these nature-friendly travel principles by Leave No Trace Canada. To see the infographic, click here.—english.jpg?v=1500323609000Continue Reading

Bringing Ecological Knowledge to our Transportation Infrastructure

FROM: Sierra Club of Canada Sierra Club’s Wanda Baxter reports on her experience at the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation Conference in Salt Lake City – and the new collaborative opportunities created and connections made for our Watch for Wildlife program.   To read more, click here. Reading

Seven tweetable facts about beavers

FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada First launched in 2009 by a non-profit organization called Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (BWW), International Beaver Day celebrates the rodent’s environmental contributions and its important role in landscapes. To read more, click here. Reading

Prairie crocus

FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada A flower of many names, prairie crocus is also known as gosling plant, pasque-flower, windflower and more. The furry perennial is not actually a crocus, but an anemone, belonging to the buttercup family.   The species can be found in northern parts of Canada, such as the Yukon and NorthwestContinue Reading

Canadian Mountain Network

Canadian Mountain Network Stay up to date on national and international mountain news. Hosted by the University of Alberta, the Canadian Mountain Network focuses on Mountain News, Environment Research, Health Research, and Culture and Society Research. Head over to to learn more.Continue Reading

Invasive species: A battle worth fighting

Invasive species: A battle worth fighting FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada Invasive species have developed a bad reputation, and for good reason: these nasty organisms wreak havoc on natural ecosystems, outcompete native species, threaten human health and cost us billions of dollars every year. They are the second greatest threat to biodiversity, after habitat loss.Continue Reading


YOUR INPUT IS REQUIRED! FROM: Government of Canada Environment and Climate Change Canada is developing a Management Plan for the Western Toad in Canada, an amphibian listed as Special Concern under the federal Species at Risk Act. In Canada, the Western Toad occurs throughout most of British Columbia, western Alberta, southeastern Yukon and southwestern Northwest Territories, and mayContinue Reading

Let’s Talk Fish Habitat

Let’s Talk Fish Habitat FROM: Fisheries and Oceans Canada Thriving fish populations and healthy fish habitat are important to the well-being of Canadian society. Our fish need a healthy environment to live, feed and reproduce. They also need healthy waters to migrate between these places. The Fisheries Act gives the Government of Canada the authorityContinue Reading

Old-growth forests 101

FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada When thinking about healthy forests, it’s not often we include dead and dying trees. But any enlightened forest manager will tell you that they’re an essential part of a healthy forest ecosystem, and a key characteristic of old-growth.   Old-growth forests exist because they have not been subjected to aContinue Reading

Are you nature deficient?

FROM: Nature Conservancy of Canada Are you easily tired? Stressed out? Have trouble sleeping? You may be nature deficient! Take this quiz to find out. Reading

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