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UROC Trail Work Day

FROM: United Riders of Crowsnest This coming Saturday June 3 is one of our big trail work days and as usual, there is lots to do. The event is run as part of Crowsnest Forest Stewardship Society’s (CFSS) Ed Gregor Day. CFSS provide a free breakfast and supper as well as prizes.  Details and scheduleContinue Reading

Tradeshow Thank you

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation A big thank you to everyone who volunteered at this year’s Outdoor Adventure and Lifestyle Show! We appreciate all of your support!Continue Reading

13th Annual Crowsnest Pass May Species Count

Event by: Crowsnest Conservation Birding Committee Join Crowsnest Conservation Society as we count birds, butterflies, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Dates: May 24 and 25. Wednesday, May 24 – Crowsnest Pass from Summit Lake to Burmis Lake. Contact Merilyn at to join a group. Meet at 12906-19 Ave at 2:00 p.m. for a potluck andContinue Reading

As Hungry As A Bear After Hibernation? Maybe Even More So…

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation WildED How do you wake up every day? Chipper and sunny, ready to tackle any task after breakfast? Or do you stumble your way to the coffeemaker and wake up slowly, not ready to even think about eating until around 10am?   Bears will typically emerge from winter hibernation in April andContinue Reading

Birdhouse Basics

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Birding Committee Thinking of installing a birdhouse in your backyard so you can observe avian family life? Like our homes, birdhouses must meet standards in order to be safe for occupancy. Please learn about the necessary requirements HERE (see the link below). Any birdhouse you purchase should also be built to theseContinue Reading

Volunteer Opportunity

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Join Crowsnest Conservation for the upcoming Lifestyle and Outdoor Show! We are looking for volunteers to help run our booth. To learn more, contact For details on the event, click here. All volunteers will be able to attend the Trade Show for free!   http://www.crowsnestlifestyleshow.comContinue Reading

Be Part of the Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park Dialogue

We hope that you were able to attend one of the recent Castle Open Houses in our region.   The Government has made initial revisions to the draft plan and has extended the public review process until April 19th. Please take some time to review the plan and provide your feedback. To view the CastleContinue Reading

Sapsucker Damage of Landscaping Trees

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation WildEd Sapsuckers, as their name implies, are known for boring holes in the bark of live trees seeking sap to eat, although their diet also includes insects. They are the only group in the woodpecker family that causes this type of damage and red-naped sapsuckers are the species commonly occurring in ourContinue Reading

A Level-headed Look at Feeding Birds: Consequences and Benefits

FROM: The Spruce Blog Crowsnest Conservation Birding Committee Note: Whatever the decision you make about feeding birds after reading this article, please remember that feeders are wildlife attractants and a municipal bylaw requires they be taken down between March 30th and October 30th.   Feeding birds has always been a hotly-debated issue. In Ontario, especiallyContinue Reading

Be Part of the Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park Dialogue

The Castle Management Plan is available for review and comments until March 20th. Please take some time to review the plan and provide your feedback. To view the Callte Management Plan, click here. Reading

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