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Sapsucker Damage of Landscaping Trees

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation WildEd Sapsuckers, as their name implies, are known for boring holes in the bark of live trees seeking sap to eat, although their diet also includes insects. They are the only group in the woodpecker family that causes this type of damage and red-naped sapsuckers are the species commonly occurring in ourContinue Reading

A Level-headed Look at Feeding Birds: Consequences and Benefits

FROM: The Spruce Blog Crowsnest Conservation Birding Committee Note: Whatever the decision you make about feeding birds after reading this article, please remember that feeders are wildlife attractants and a municipal bylaw requires they be taken down between March 30th and October 30th.   Feeding birds has always been a hotly-debated issue. In Ontario, especiallyContinue Reading

Be Part of the Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park Dialogue

The Castle Management Plan is available for review and comments until March 20th. Please take some time to review the plan and provide your feedback. To view the Callte Management Plan, click here. Reading

Do You Carry Cougar Spray in Winter?

Do You Carry Cougar Spray in Winter? FROM: Crowsnest Conservation WildED Over the last two decades, the estimated number of cougars in Alberta grew from 650 to over 2000 with the highest densities in the mountains and foothills south of Hwy 1. Human-cougar conflicts where there was a concern/risk to public safety or access toContinue Reading

Castle Announcement

Crowsnest Conservation attended the Castle provincial meeting in Pincher Creek on January 20th where an announcement was made by Premier Notley and Minister Shannon Phillips regarding the Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park. See announcement below.   Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park FROM: Government of Alberta – Crystal Damer, ExecutiveContinue Reading

Working to fortify the Castle

FROM: Government of Alberta The newly created Castle Provincial Park and expanded Castle Wildland Provincial Park are two of the most important natural sites in Alberta.   These areas are part of a unique ecosystem that is internationally recognized for its biodiversity and landscapes, and encompasses headwaters that supply one third of the water inContinue Reading

Birdfeeders and the Backyard Battleground

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation WildED Comic relief or call to battle? What’s your response to seeing a squirrel at your backyard birdfeeder? For many residents, the birdfeeder represents the front lines in their winter war on squirrels. Nonetheless, squirrels are worthy opponents, bringing to the battle their acrobatic nature, problem solving skills, and obsession with energy-richContinue Reading

Thank you to Nature Alberta!

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Crowsnest Conservation recently received a $500 grant from Nature Alberta to support our WildEd Program. We appreciate their generousity and assisting our community wildlife program!  Continue Reading

Thank you to Riversdale Resources!

FROM: Crowsnest Conservation Thank you to Riversdale Resources (Benga Mining Ltd) for supporting our community’s Trail Signage Program with a $5000 grant. This grant will be used to further efforts of promoting local community trails with new signage.Continue Reading

2016 Annual General Meeting

On November 30th, CCS held a very successful AGM at Country Encounters in Coleman. Approximately 40 of our members and supporters enjoyed a light supper followed by a lively roundtable discussion on the topic “Challenges and Opportunities: Conservation in Crowsnest Pass”. The group was asked to provide feedback on our present activities as well asContinue Reading

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