Crowsnest Conservation Society

Who We Are

Crowsnest Conservation Society is a diverse group of individuals with a passion for nature and the beautiful landscapes in the Crowsnest Pass and surrounding area.  We share a strong conservation ethic and a desire to integrate this into the mainstream of our community. We are active in undertaking and supporting programs that preserve, protect and enhance nature and the landscapes we cherish, while ensuring a vibrant growing community. We are a registered charitable organization.

Our Mission             

Valuing and connecting people and nature for a healthy future in the Crowsnest Pass and beyond.

Our Vision               

Crowsnest Conservation Society envisions and works towards a Crowsnest Pass where:

  • We work together with community partners to ensure a healthy future for the natural environment and the people who live in it.
  • Wildlife can live and move within a healthy landscape.
  • A range of recreational activities coexist with users and wildlife in a respectful and sustainable manner.
  • Private and public decisions about land development are made with the long term needs of wildlife and sustainable community as key factors.
  • People celebrate our rich unique natural heritage.

View our 2014 Strategic Plan here: Strategic Plan – 2014,03,28

View our most recent audited financial statements here: CCS2013-14-AuditedFinancials

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Mail:     P.O. Box 242, Crowsnest Pass, AB, T0K 0E0
Office:  12707-20 Avenue, Crowsnest Pass, AB
Phone: (403) 753-2040